Basic aspects of SEO optimization for your pages

SEO groups all the techniques that can help us bring our website to the top of the results pages of the different search engines (Search Engine Results Page or  SERP). SEO optimization involves the application of these techniques in order to achieve better web positioning, PPC Birmingham.


We can define or classify these types of actions into two groups:  SEO On-page and  SEO Off-page. On-page SEO  includes everything we can do on our own website in order to optimize it; that is, all the  SEO improvement actions that we carry out where we have control, PPC services Birmingham our own website. The second group, although it fulfills the same function, does not depend on us, but on third parties; this adds additional complexity to the optimization tasks to perform.

SEO techniques

We can group SEO Techniques into 3 areas in order to achieve their goal:  technology,  SEO content, and link building. The first two are part of on-page SEO, link building is the type of action that works externally with off-page SEO. you can easily grow your business online. And stay with Online Demand to get online business ideas.


Technology, or technical SEO  as it is also known, tries to do everything necessary for a  search engine to be able to capture the content well and classify it as safe and accessible to web page visitors.

In web optimization,  technical SEO  focuses more on the proper functioning of the website. It does not matter that the content is exceptional if the technical conditions of the web page do not allow easy access. It is also essential that the page loads quickly. In fact, there is a well-known fact that if your page takes more than 3 seconds to load, more than half of the users will abandon it and go elsewhere, digital marketing company Birmingham.

Page speed insights

Do you want to know how Google scores your website in terms of performance? Visit Page Speed ​​Insights, you may be in for a surprise. Keep in mind that we are used to browsing using very fast connections; but perhaps your page is not especially fast, it only seems so to you because your internet access is very fast. To carry out its performance analysis,  Google considers scenarios with medium connections, where excessive loading time is noticeable, especially when accessing from mobile devices.

The Google tool is very useful for analyzing the loading speed of a website and identifying areas for improvement. Because a fast website can be key to avoiding user abandonment or penalties in our  SEO positioning. And also, it can be a great help to improve our  search engine positioning

Contents, the key to SEO optimization

The quality of our content will determine whether search engines classify our texts as relevant to certain search terms or not. Also, you must remember that the different algorithms of the search engines are the ones that determine the value of the content. If we don’t optimize content, nor is it capable of adding value to the website, everything we have done for  SEO optimization will have been for nothing.

SEO writing

Some crucial aspects that must be taken care of if we want to improve the  writing  of valuable SEO content for a certain website must be:

  • Something highly recommended is to write specific content in a clear and understandable way. Do not use sentences that are too long, or use language that is too far-fetched unless the text really requires it.
  • The length of the content is another factor to consider. As in other aspects of web positioning, there is no ideal value, although there are aspects that are very true. For example, Google doesn’t like short texts; in fact, it has already been established that the contents must have at least 500 words to be indexed correctly. Above that figure, the more extensive the better… up to certain limits and taking care of the quality. Better a text of 1,000 words of high quality than one of 2,000 with little value or poorly written.
  • Lack of originality is another factor that must be avoided at all costs when creating content. Copying content from other sites is the fastest way to get penalized by search engines. Even if we have duplicate content on our own website, it harms us and we must avoid it.
  • You must have good knowledge about the topic you are going to write about. Poorly documented content can kill your website, and this applies to both search engines and users.
  • You also have to be very clear about who you are writing for. Determining the target audience to which the text is directed is a primary factor in, Digital marketing course in Birmingham.

Link building for SEO optimization

When it comes to  SEO optimization,  external links pointing to content are still an important indicator. Links are an elementary component of the Google algorithm: the more links that refer to your page, preferably related to the topic of your website, the more your website will benefit in the  Google ranking. As a result of this ranking, your website will show up higher in the search results. An important measure of any web search engine optimization is therefore the correct backlink structure.

Backlinks for Link building

Valuable backlinks have a positive effect on ranking. Therefore, look for relevant sites linked to your activity and get as many different links as you can. Of course, take care of the quality of the page that is going to link you. One link from a page with high domain authority is preferable to ten links from less relevant pages.

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