Best valentine’s cakes to try

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to something delicious, whether it’s a fondant chocolate cake or a fresh passion fruit sponge cake that will make you moist. Find the perfect dessert or custard for your loved one in our Valentine’s Day baking recipes collection, decorate your heart with Valentine’s Day cupcakes or give chocolate truffles and homemade candies as gifts from our collection of Valentine’s Day chocolate bouquets. Try a recipe or two from our Valentine’s Day desserts for more sophisticated and indulgent treats.

Best valentine’s cakes to try

After carefully selecting your Valentine’s Day menu, you’ll want to end the evening on a high with a slice of delicious cake and an optional glass of Prosecco. Here we have selected our most romantic cakes so that you can choose your ideal combination. 

Rose water and raspberry sponge cake

This beautiful raspberry rose water sponge cake is topped with rose petals, fresh raspberries and an elegant pink icing – what could be more romantic? It would look great as a special Valentine’s Day centerpiece, but luckily this sponge cake is easy enough for novice bakers.

Hidden Heart Cake

You have to plan ahead – it’s a labor of love, but well worth it. You can opt for valentine day cake delivery and send mouthwatering cakes for your loved ones.

Chocolate Pomegranate Squidgy Cake

Rich and beautiful, it’s so easy to fall in love with this decadent dessert! A slice of our Moist Chocolate Pomegranate Cake is the perfect way to end an evening of Valentine’s Day celebrations – a good batter is the technique you need to make this deliciously light and delicious cake.

Passion Cake

If you’re a fan of passion fruit martinis, you’ll love this rich three-tiered passion fruit cake. Packed with tropical flavors and topped with a tangy cream cheese glaze, it’s quite a show.

Easy caramel cake

Need to brag about something at the last minute? This delicious caramel cake is wonderfully quick and easy to make, great for first-time bakers or those short on time. The secret is to use ready-made dulce de leche and caramel bits, which you can sprinkle on top with your artistic flair. You can order cakes online and heighten the joy and romance.

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake has quickly become a modern classic – try this popular recipe from Cassie Best. It’s bright red in color and has a subtle chocolate flavor, and the cream cheese frosting gives it a really sophisticated vibe. You can order online cakes for this day.

Prosecco Cake

Prosecco cake. We’ve got plenty of boozy cakes to go with Valentine’s Day, but our top pick is this delicious prosecco cake. It has a festive feel – with the prosecco hidden in both the sponge cake and buttercream – perfect for any bubbly fan!

Romantic rose cupcakes

Baking a batch of romantic rose cupcakes is a thoughtful, homemade treat for those who don’t necessarily plan dinner. They are decorated with simple sugar roses and a touch of white chocolate icing to make them even more special.

Ultimate chocolate cake

Calling all chocolate lovers, our top recipe for the ultimate chocolate cake might be just what you’re looking for! The sponge cake is wonderfully rich and moist, even better with the addition of chocolate ganache and extra chocolate curl decorations.

Raspberry Spice Cake

An elegant teatime treat, this raspberry spice cake takes more effort but is sure to deliver the wow factor! The sponge cake bases are enriched with buttermilk for moisture and delicately spiced with cinnamon, cloves and ginger – paired with the raspberry filling a real hit.

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse if there’s ever a time to whip up a truly special dessert. Aside from the day dedicated to pampering your significant other, it’s also a great opportunity to give your family and friends a decadent Valentine’s Day treat by trying one of these mouthwatering cakes. Sure you have your tried and true layer cakes, but why not celebrate the day of love with something new?

These cakes are bound to garner some serious secret admirers – and not-so-secret admirers too! With classic Valentine’s Day flavors like rich chocolate, romantic red velvet, and swooning strawberry, these dreamy Valentine cakes are sure to spread the love & chk new post on JollyMax MLBB.

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