How much does it cost to trademark a name?


Trademarking your brand’s name, logo, slogan and more can be a little pricey. Here’s how much it costs to file a trademark in the US.

Trademarking your brand’s name, logo, slogan and more can be a little pricey. Here’s how much it costs to file for trademark in the US.

The price of trademarking a name depends on how you file. The cost of filing electronically is $225, while paper filing is $410. You can do it yourself or hire an attorney to help you through the process.

If you’re planning to file a trademark, it’s important that you do so correctly. If you don’t, your application may not be approved and your money will be wasted.

The cost of filing for trademark registration depends on how you file: electronically or by paper.

If you file electronically, the basic fee is $225 per class and an additional $50 for each group of goods or services (up to three), with a maximum charge of $400 per class.

If you file by paper through TEAS Plus® Trademark Application System (.pdf), the basic filing fee is currently $275 per class though this can be reduced based on certain conditions such as small entity status (if applicable). In addition to these fees there may also be other charges such as national applications fees where required by law; extended response times could also result in higher costs depending upon when they occur during prosecution stages; etcetera..

You can file for trademark electronically on the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website.

Trademark registration is a fairly straightforward process. You can file for trademark electronically on the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website. This will reduce your costs significantly, as submitting an application through paper mail would cost $325 in fees alone. If you intend to register your trademark with state or local governments, however, you may need to file additional paperwork with them separately—for example, registering your name with the secretary of state’s office in each state where you plan to do business.

It’s also worth noting that there are many services out there that offer help filing trademarks for money—but these services generally charge more than just doing it yourself online at no additional cost!

Filing a trademark application online is less expensive, but also has its risks.

You can file a trademark application online and save money. But you’re taking on more risk if you do so.

The average cost of filing a trademark application is $1,800 for an individual and $5,000 for multiple applicants (like partners or corporations).

Online filing services charge around $500–$600 per application. If you want to hire an attorney or agent to help with the process, expect to pay anywhere from $1,500–$3,000 in addition to your fees at the USPTO office—though these firms may offer discounts if they represent many different clients at once.

Additionally, your application needs to be prepared appropriately because applications that are not may be rejected.

  • Your application must be in English, typed or printed and signed by the applicant or their attorney.
  • On the first page, type the name of your company.
  • The words “Application for Trademark” should be typed immediately below your name with space above it for a USPTO filing fee stamp.
  • The entire application must be in black ink, except those portions that require red ink to be used (such as the signature block).

The trademark process itself takes about three months to complete. You’ll have to file a trademark application and demonstrate that you are using the name in commerce. If you do not have a drawing, leave the space blank.

Filing online is the cheapest option and you can do it yourself.

The process of registering a trademark is fairly straightforward, but there are some ways to save money along the way. If you’re filing an application yourself and not using an attorney, it’s best to do so online. Furthermore, since the USPTO is moving towards electronic filing anyway, it’s easier than ever before to complete this step yourself.

  • You’ll save money on legal fees by avoiding the need for an attorney altogether. Some services charge around $200 per hour—and if you’re trying to trademark something like “Coca-Cola” or “Google,” that could add up quickly!


USPTO Trademark Filing is the first step towards protecting your brand, but it’s not the only one. You should also consider registering your company name and copyrighting any original work you produce.

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