How to become an intense O/A levels Tutor?

We will explain how to become an O/A levels Tutor and tell you about the next development steps. If you want to share your knowledge with others and celebrate their success but don’t know where to start, we can help you.

Higher education and international certificates

Here are three steps you can take to become an O/A teacher.

  1. Higher education

This is a desirable initial stage in the development of every teacher. Of course, life is unpredictable – you can get an education in another field and only then decide to teach a language. (O’level tutors in Lahore) However, a higher philological or pedagogical education will give you a severe knowledge base and increase the students’ credit for trusting you.

You won’t be able to enter a university without exams in English. Each university has its conditions for admission, so you may have to take additional exams.

You do not have to take the exam if you want a second higher linguistic education and need to provide a diploma, pass an interview and pass an exam in O/A levels. You need to get a bachelor’s degree. Master’s, postgraduate and doctoral studies will come in handy. If you want to teach at a university or engage in scientific activities.

  1. Language certificates

Practice shows that one higher education is not enough. In any profession, you need to learn throughout your life, and teaching is no exception. The language is constantly evolving, and you should keep your finger on the pulse: continue to study complex grammatical structures and modern vocabulary, improve pronunciation, etc.

You can take the exam to confirm your level of knowledge. Such exams are a convincing independent assessment of your ability, which will tell the future student. That you are not in words, but in fact, fluent in the language. To prepare for the exam, you will need 1-1.5 years of intensive work, and you will also have to part with the amount. There are testing centers in many cities around the world.

  1. Methodical certificates

Another possible step is to get certified as an O/A levels teacher. Let’s say you speak the language, have some practical experience. And would like to share knowledge but do not understand how to do it. You will learn the rules and principles of organizing the educational process, master helpful teaching techniques, etc. The exam consists of three modules that you can take at the same time or in stages and one of the most famous teaching courses is O/A Levels.

It allows you to get a methodological base consisting of theory and practice. The O/A Levels certificate is required by some foreign employers and the main direction is teaching students in a group and the course costs high and is usually paid in two or three stages.

To get admission, you need to pass an interview with a teacher in person or via Skype and provide a certificate confirming your level of knowledge. (home tutors for A’levels)If no such certification exists, you will need to pass an additional exam at the center.

Training is possible in three ways:

  • Full-time – 4-5 weeks of intensive work;
  • Correspondence – several months; and Online – a combination of self-study and teaching practice, courses last from 10 weeks to a year.

Teacher professional development

If you have already graduated and have certificates, continue your education and active practice. Devoting at least a couple of hours a week to self-development will bear fruit and First, you must understand at what stage of development you are now. We invite you to take our quiz to get a general idea. Next, follow our advice on the next steps you need to take based on your results. 

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