It’s cash or bust on toto site

In Cash or Crash, you’ll be using a lottery machine to choose the winner of each round. The machine has 28 balls total—19 green, 1 gold, and 8 red—and draws only one at a time. If a green ball is pulled, you’ll advance one level on the payout schedule and have to decide whether to keep going or take your earnings (either half or all of your winnings).

If a red ball emerges, the game is over unless you’ve drawn the golden ball, which acts as a shield and keeps you going until you hit anything. If another red ball is drawn after your shield has been depleted, your plane will crash and you will lose whatever funds you haven’t cashed out. Showcased in Cash 메이저놀이터.

If a green or gold ball is drawn in Cash or Crash, it is taken from play until the round is complete, increasing the likelihood that a red ball will be drawn.

The game shows the % likelihood of obtaining a “good” ball vs a “poor” ball to help you decide. In addition, the gaming screen displays your current pay table level out of a possible 20.

Betting Options: Cash or Crash

After the drawing of a green ball or the destruction of your shield, you will be prompted to choose one of the following alternatives from a menu 메이저놀이터.

Carry on going; keep all of your potential gains and keep playing. If the next ball to drop shows red, you’ve lost your wager and must begin the round again.

Take Half – Take out half of your potential wins in cash and continue playing with the other half. Winnings are handed out in cash at the conclusion of each round.

Use It All – Take all of your money and leave the game now. You’ll have to wait until the start of the next round to play again.

If you don’t choose within the given time, the game will “Continue” with you having lost all of your possible rewards.

Cash or Crash: The Rules 1 PUT DOWN YOUR BET

Each round of Cash or Crash only allows for one stake (R2 to R25,000), simplifying the game considerably. You may only make wagers at the start of a round, and not at any other time. You have 20 seconds to adjust the chip value at the bottom of your screen to a wager that you’re comfortable with before the round begins.


Once wagering has ended, one ball is randomly selected from the blimp. If the ball comes up green, you’ll advance to the next payout tier. Nevertheless, the game ends immediately if a red ball is selected. As long as you pay out before a red ball appears, your winnings will increase


You must decide whether to Continue, Take Half, or Take All before the next ball is pulled.

The final score for this round 

If a red ball is drawn, you choose Take All, or you reach the top of the pay table, the round ends. You have to wait for the next round of Cash or Crash to start in order to play again.

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