What are the cheapest Bachelor’s degrees in the US?

Higher education overseas is expensive, therefore students are always looking for institutions that provide the most education for their money. If you want to take out a loan to pay for your education, it is even more vital that you choose a school with inexpensive tuition online graduate programs. There are over a hundred schools of higher education providing online graduate programs and Bachelor’s degrees in the USA, and tuition costs range from a few thousand dollars at certain community colleges to several thousand dollars at some private institutions. The list of affordable American universities for international students is provided below. The list of affordable institutions for overseas students bases its ranking solely on tuition costs, leaving out other costs like accommodation and board.

Here is the list of the cheapest Bachelor’s degrees in the USA offered:

Bachelors in Business Administration from the University of Georgia Southwestern State

The most widely acknowledged degree from here is Business Management. Apart from this, it offers 40 other bachelor’s degree programs in education and nursing, computing and mathematics, and the arts and sciences available through Georgia Southwestern State University. In order to educate students for a job in law enforcement, probation. Juvenile justice, one of their more unusual degrees is a BSc in Criminal Justice.

Bachelors in Media and Journalism from the University of Nairobi

Without the Journalism and Media Studies program offered by the University of Nairobi, no list of the least expensive bachelor’s degrees available online would be complete. The program is organized around the fundamentals of interpersonal, mass, and cross-cultural communication. Studying communication psychology, mass media history, and computer applications. Over the course of four years will help you launch a successful marketing or journalism career.

The University of Nairobi is a pioneering certified university that will give you the training you need to work in communication. This bachelor’s degree costs just 1.892 EUR/year in tuition. Making it one of the affordable online degrees that can help you halve your spending. You’ll be able to get employment in publishing, broadcasting, or advertising and marketing companies once you graduate.

Bachelor’s in Nursing by Jiangnan University

This 4-year Nursing degree from Jiangnan University will do the trick if you’re looking for the top affordable online graduate degree programs. Possess a foundational understanding of clinical nursing and the capacity to provide patient care. The curriculum is built on medicinal chemistry, human anatomy, biochemistry, and mathematics to equip you with the knowledge and abilities to work creatively in the workplace.

It will provide a 360-degree view of the trait and introduce you to the social science, ethics, and methods required to practice your field ethically. To be admitted, you must obtain a high school diploma and give evidence of your English language abilities. The annual tuition is 2.551 EUR. After you graduate, you’ll be able to use your science to advance human health while carrying out your nursing responsibilities. In addition, you can work in medical facilities or provide private assistance to people.

Bachelor in Information Technology by Dublin City University

One of the least expensive online graduate degrees is offered by Dublin City University’s information technology department. You can advance your knowledge and abilities in a rapidly changing field with a 2-year term and 900 EUR per module. Role-specific certificates educate candidates for specific tasks, while corporate certifications assist professionals grow within an organisation.

Because not all students are suited to traditional education. This programme is for you if you want to study independently and at your own pace. After finishing this programme with a unique blend of business and computer abilities, you will be able to find job immediately in a fast developing industry.

Bachelor in Arts and Letters Program from Portland State University

This will improve your writing, research, and communication skills are the next option on our list of affordable online degrees. You’ll take courses in American literature, public speaking, the history of western art, and dancing in movies, among other topics. Not all students are prepared for conventional schooling; if you want to study. Independently and at your own speed, this programme is for you.

Acquire the skills desired by employers, and then prepare to work for the government. A charity, a business, or a school. The annual tuition is 675 euros. Choose your own flexible route and combine your job and study whenever and wherever you like.


This article concludes the demand for online degree programs offered by universities at an affordable cost. You need to choose the degree of your choice and the cost integrated along with it for your academic career

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