Is it legal to use a city name as a business?

Introduction I’m starting a business, and I want to use my city’s name as part of it. It’s a small town, so there aren’t many other businesses with the same name as mine. But what about trademarking? Can I use something that isn’t trademarked? And will my trademark application be […]


Cheapest way to register a trademark.

Introduction Trademark registration is the process of acquiring a trademark in the United States. The USPTO grants trademarks to businesses and individuals who apply and meets the requirements set forth by the Lanham Act. Trademarks are registered with the USPTO through an application process which can take anywhere from 1-3 […]


How much does it cost to trademark a name?

Introduction Trademarking your brand’s name, logo, slogan and more can be a little pricey. Here’s how much it costs to file a trademark in the US. Trademarking your brand’s name, logo, slogan and more can be a little pricey. Here’s how much it costs to file for trademark in the […]


Are trademark local?

Introduction If you have a brand that’s popular, you may be considering whether or not to apply for trademark. The answer is yes! No, a trademark registration is not local, it is national. A trademark registration is not local, it’s nationwide. A trademark is granted to a company or individual […]


How to Start Blogging from Your Smartphone?

The first step to blogging from your smartphone is to get the blogging app. There are many blogging apps available, but I am going to recommend one of the best-known and most popular ones: WordPress. WordPress is a free and open source platform for creating websites, blogs, and web applications. […]


How to Protect My Brand Name?

The registration of your brand gives you the legal right to use and own it. This registration also helps protect your brand from infringement. Read more About Kazlifestyle Brand Name Registration Process: What is a trademark? Trademark is a word, phrase or symbol that identifies the source of a good […]


Why Do People Choose karachi emergency hospitals numbers?

Karachi emergency hospitals numbers provide immediate care for patients in need of medical attention. They also offer specialized services that are not available at other types of hospitals. Read more About SuggestiveInformation The Emergency Hospital Is More Convenient. If you are looking for a place where you can receive urgent […]



Many inmates in the United States would love to get holiday parcels from their loved ones this year, but they will likely be unable to do so due to prison restrictions. Read more About TrueGuideliners Customers Many prisons have strict policies against visitors bringing in prisoners packages or mail for […]


There are health benefits for men from eating onions

Onions can also provide you with strength and dietary supplements. They also are very low in calories. These ingredients are smooth so don’t forget them for common meals and dinner plates. These ingredients are wealthy in clinical benefits so make certain you consider them for your next dinner. Vidalista 80 […]


The Highest Paid Doctors in Canada

  It is no secret that doctors are among the highest paid professionals in Canada. But have you ever wondered which specialties are the highest paying? Knowing which medical fields offer the biggest salaries can be a great way to plan your future career path. In this article, we will […]